Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 10 problems

One of our goals is to define a list of 10 problems/challenges which we can address successfully over the next year. This is following Jim Gray's idea of the 20 queries: some specific requirements which can focus our work. This blow is a good forum to start suggesting the ideas. So, let me start with some suggestions:

1. Provide a user-friendly data mining service, which will be easy to learn and apply by a typical astronomer, and provide at least some new functionality which is not commonly available. Obviously, this is something that can grow in time.

2. Create a virtual exchange forum for educational materials and experiences for teaching the methods of computational, data-driven science on a serious undergraduate or graduate level.

3. Provide a user-friendly visualization package/service/toolkit for exploration of highly-dimensional data. It could be more than one approach.

4. Establish an effective virtual forum where people interested in astroinformatics can meet and exchange and debate ideas, both in real time and in an off-line fashion. It could be a combination of different tools and approaches.

4a. Have an entirely virtual conference/workshop in this arena.

5. Establish an electronic, non-commercial, peer-reviewed journal for large data sets/archives, algorithms, and other astroinformatics tools and methods.

Let's hear more ideas, and the comments and improvements on these!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to the AstroInformatics2010 blog

This blog is intended as an open discussion forum for the AstroInformatics2010 conference,

Vigorous, but polite and professional discussion is encouraged!